This bass started life as Yamaha RBX A2 5 String.
I bought it on ebay for $78, listing said:
"Neck horribly bowed beyond repair, unplayable..."

I adjusted the truss rod, shimmed the neck joint, tapped in a couple high frets and it now plays just fine. So good, that I then decided it was worth adding an internal Roland GK pickup. That was tricky because the body is very shallow. I used a dremmel to carefully route the space for the 13 pin jack. Then removed the bridge and bored the ground wire hole until it was large enough to accommodate the GK cable. Next I modified the Roland pickup to be centered on a 5 string. I've done this on a few basses. I hate how the 6 string pickup has to be sticking out to one side or the other on a 5 string bass, so I opened up the case and clipped off the sixth pickup, then recentered the remaining five micro pickups to fit my string spacing, surrounded them with foam and put the cover back on. Now it can be placed in the center and looks more like a factory job. I then picked up a couple extra small LEDs and placed them under the tone control. I don't know why Yamaha only put the LEDs under the volume controls, it always looked like the tone must be broken. NOT ANYMORE, now all three knobs light up, Red Green Blue (RGB). The red LEDs are powered by the Roland, not the battery. Finally, I found that the Roland circuitry would not allow the back plate to close, so I made a thick plastic gasket on a 3D printer at work. It is 1/8th inch high at one end and ramps up to 1/4 inch high at the other end. This was the minimum height to allow enough space in the cavity for the additional electronics.

The bass plays and sounds great, it's light weight, it lights up, has a great string spacing at the nut and the bridge, has 24 frets and I love it. Took a $78 supposedly "unplayabe" bass, added a couple hundred in electronics, and some careful modifications, and now I'd say it's easily worth a grand. It's one of a kind as far as I know. But not for long, I liked it so much so that I just bought another RBX A2 5 string for a back up. Eventually I'll mod it the same way and make a second Yamaha A3 (RGB).


Yamaha RBX A2 to A3

yamaha A2 to A3 RGB

extender gasket


Beautiful Bass!

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