Bass Pics

I think its a sickness.. And when I find a bass I really like, I usually buy two (if they are cheap enough) ; hence a lot of these say "backup # ". I've discovered something over the years, and I think it's one possible cause of my inexpensive bass can often be made to play (and sound) as good as one costing 10 times as much. As proof, I offer my latest creation, the Yamaha A3 (RGB).

Washburn AB45-VSK cool acoustic 5 string

Washburn MB-50 Prototype pic 1 FOR SALE rare find only a few made $325.
Washburn MB-50 Prototype pic 2

Washburn MB-4 redsparkle pic 1
Washburn MB-4 redsparkle pic 2

Washburn MB-4 Blue Sparkle

Washburn CB-15z with GK-3B

Washburn CB-5RG before mods
Washburn CB-5RG after new machined bridge, new tuners, knobs and GK internal (with modded hex pickup).

Washburn CB-5RG with modified noname piezo bridge to Ghost hexpander ... Pic 2

Washburn CB-5RG backup # 2 project bass ...

Washburn Taurus T25 pic 1 with internal GK-2B My first GK internal mod ever, and my MOST played bass of all! it's got the scars to prove it. (now semi retired)
Washburn Taurus T25 pic 2 with internal GK-2B

Washburn Taurus T-25 my backup #1 Medium grain pre GK.
Washburn Taurus t-25 Converted to GK-3B. replaced generic roland red led with amber one.
Washburn Taurus t-25
Washburn Taurus t-25

Washburn Taurus T-25 best ever- coolest wood grain-!!! GK-3B jack placed on back plate

Washburn Taurus T25 backup #4 lighter wood now a parts bass, tried to do a refret but I couldn't get it right...pic is when it was original, now missing pickups and a tuning key, I'm parting it out. FOR SALE $75.

Washburn Taurus T35 prototype pic 1 
Washburn Taurus T35 prototype pic 2

Warrior Isabella
Warrior Isabella post GK3-mod
replaced generic roland red led with an UV
Warrior Isabella post GK3 closer

Yamaha A3 (RGB) - originally RBX A2 5 string with internal GK-3B

Yamaha A2 backup #1 ready for A3 conversion (stock photo)

Fender Performer pic 1 Rare only made in 1985-6
Fender Performer pic 2

Fender Urge Stu Hamm signature with GK-2B

Fender Jazz 24-V with GK-2B (modded to sit center)

Fender HM Bass V Japan model, a rare beast indeed.  SOLD
Fender HM Bass V close
Fender HM Bass V back

Fender HM Bass V made in USA 

Diplomat pic 1FOR SALE $295
Diplomat pic 2

Dean Brian Bromberg B2 FOR SALE 5 string modded with Ghost Hexpander 13 pin out. THIS IS A SUPER COOL BASS, 35inch scale, looks, sounds and plays great. VERY RARE FIND! $875

Kramer 522 SP (ebay pic, I'll have to take one, it really looks much nicer)

Antonio Tsai Dragon pic 1 with peizos and internal Ghost 13 pin out
Anontio Tsai Dragon pic 2 with peizos and internal Ghost 13 pin out

Antonio Tsai Dragon my other one pic 1
Antonio Tsai Dragon my other one pic 2
Antonio Tsai Dragon after GK3 mod
Antonio Tsai Dragon after GK3 mod closer

Antonio Tsai Girl pic1
Antonio Tsai Girl pic 2

Samick AK690 pic 1FOR SALE $300
Samick AK690 pic 2
Samick AK690 pic 3

Samick AK695 same as 690 but 5 string FOR SALE $300

GTX 1 with peizos and internal RMC 13 pin out.

GTX my other one FOR SALE $250 These probably came out of the same factory as the Tune Maniac bass, but with cheaper electronics. Light weight and plays great!

Houston Fretless 5 FOR SALE $375

Starfire Fretted upright
Starfire Fretted upright, now with J pickups and longer endpin

MiniStar 5

ALESIS 5 string VERY RARE, tell me if you've ever seen another one. I'm told they we're only made to be part of a promotional package for the Alesis drum kit.
ALESIS headstock pic

Ibanez SRX 705 wider spacing than the SR series, humbuckers. FOR SALE with factory case $495.

IbanezEDB555 FOR SALE this is a nice bass! $400

Brownsville UB550 FOR SALE Parts bass $75.

Tune TWX51 with GK-2B

Gibson Epiohone EBM-5 The photo looks brown, it's actually much more red .
Gibson Epiphone EBM-5 Pic 2 FOR SALE hard to find $325

WOLF- namm demo

RMI-Ramsey Musical Instruments- Hummingbird Fretless 5- This is their first production one, and is still featured on their web site.      close up

Cremona SB-2 Upright

Gibson EB 5 with GK-3B internal kit , Pic 2,

OLP Earnie Ball Baritone 6 string bass guitar with Ghost system.- ..Pic 1, ..Pic 2, ..Pic 3 ..





Aria Soloette pic 1 Sold 2016, great for travel!
Aria Soloette pic 2
Aria Soloette bk.

Washburn MB-8 pic 1 (sold 2013) Status pickups!
Washburn MB-8 pic 2

Washburn Taurus T25 backup # 3 darker wood. (sold 2013)

Brownsville 5
Brownsville 5 now with Bartolini (sold)

Conklin GT-4 pic 1 (sold 2013)
Conklin GT-4 pic 2 (sold)

Godin A5 Ultra SA (stock pic) SOLD 2019

Ibanez Fretless (sold)

Schecter AB-1 pic 1 (sold)

Washburn AB-20 pic 1 SOLD
Washburn AB-20 pic 2 
Washburn AB-20 pic 3

Washburn Taurus T-35 pic 1 (sold)
Washburn Taurus T-35 pic2 (sold)

Washburn MB-8 pic 1 (sold)
Washburn MB-8 pic 2 (sold)

Washburn MB-4 pic 1 sold
Washburn MB-4 pic 2 sold

Washburn MB-4 White (sold 2013)

Ritter Jupiter Copy by Ktone (sold)
Ritter Jupiter Copy by Ktone pic 2 (sold)

Washburn XB-800 pic 1 (sold)
Washburn XB-800 pic 2

Wahburn XB-920 pic 1 (sold)
Wahburn XB-920 pic 2
Wahburn XB-920 pic 3

Washburn RB-2000 (sold)

Washburn MB-5 string pic1 (sold)
Washburn MB-5 string pic2 (sold)

Cort Curbow (sold)

Yamaha BB 5000A (sold)

Yamaha TRB 6P pic 1(sold)
Yamaha TRB 6P pic 2
Yamaha TRB 6P pic 3

Yamaha RBX 700A (sold)

Ibanez BTB1005 (sold)

Aria IGB68- my other one- (sold)
Aria IGB68- my other one pic 2- (sold)

Aria IGB68-5string my first one pic 1 (sold)

Other Basses I 've owned in the past,

Aria Pro II deluxe 5 (sold

Washburn Force 40 (sold)

Moserite Venture style (sold)mine looked like this but had 2 pickups

Ovation Magnum (sold)

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