From: "Eugene Urban" <>
Subject: Wow! What a wedding!
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 09:00:56 -0400
Hi, Glenn!

IMAGES is getting four-star ratings from everyone at Melissa and Dave's
wedding Saturday night! EVERYONE danced - even some guys in the
neighborhood that I had never seen dance before! You are all so very,
very talented, and your music, your appearance, your demeanor, your
professionalism just set the tone for all our guests to relax and have
a good time. They are all still talking about it, reminiscing about the
wondeful evening they had and "that awesome band!" Feel free to quote
meany time, and you can also use me as reference. I will happily
recommend you most highly.

Again - IMAGES was absolutely terrific! I was amazed as I watched some
of the guys switch instruments. That female vocalist you have is so very,
very good! I wish I had gotten her name. I think she could have a fan
club. Many guests spoke about how she impressed them with her voice and her
delivery. And they all think she is just "the most darling little

Thank you for making Melissa and Dave's wedding reception a first-class
event! I didn't want the evening to end, but I have been enjoying a
lovely afterglow. I don't have another daughter to do this for, but if I did,
I would definitely hire you again. And there are many daughters in our
neighborhood in their early 20s, so hopefully I can enjoy your music
whenever they get married.

Very, very sincerely,
Elaine Urban